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The cannabis plant has many functions, with over 50,000 estimated commercial uses. From hemp to cannabis oil, it’s no doubt a resourceful commodity. The first evidence of cannabis use can be dated back to 26,900 BC, showing just how effectively this plant can transcend the ages to meet the versatile needs of the current population.

In modern society, the growing need for medical marijuana has once again reaffirmed the importance of harvesting the cannabis plant. In 2016 alone, 2.6 billion USD was spent on medical marijuana sales across the 25 states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Clearly, the demand for medicinal cannabis softgels is at an all-time high, which must be met by cannabis manufacturers. Lab-scale equipment can help.

How New Cannabis Manufacturers Can Benefit from Lab Scale Equipment

Due to the youth of the cannabis industry, new softgel manufacturers often seek out lab scale equipment to test out their formulations and perfect their processes before investing in commercial scale equipment.

As a new manufacturer of cannabis softgels, this will be a critical step to your success in the industry. You may be required to test out different formulations and processes before you come to create a high-quality product. In this case, the last thing you want to do is flush your money away by producing copious amounts of capsules in testing by using commercial scale production equipment.

Instead, lab scale production equipment will allow you to make smaller batches of capsules compared to commercial machines. While you may need full-scale softgel machines in the future, in the beginning of your production phase, while you’re still trying to nail down the correct formulation, a smaller output is more desirable.

How Experienced Cannabis Manufacturers Can Benefit from Lab Scale Equipment

There are different types of marijuana that can be used in medical production. Successful cannabis manufacturers know that variety is essential when it comes to production. Instead of offering just one kind of product, it’s best to offer a variety to meet the needs of all consumers. Therefore, medical marijuana manufacturers will need to have some degree of flexibility in their production processes to accommodate different types of products.

In such a case, experienced manufacturers will need separate machines to test new products. In order to not disrupt the current production process, and to avoid producing an overwhelming quantity of trial products, experienced marijuana manufacturers can also benefit from acquiring lab scale production equipment to test new products in a smaller output.