All-New, All-Improved Qualicaps Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our parent company Qualicaps’ new website at, rebuilt with you in mind.

The streamlined user interface provides an enhanced, more interactive user experience, enabling our partners, customers, prospects, and other interested parties to learn about Qualicaps and find the information they seek.

Visitors can browse the website based on their particular interests, as well as to gain knowledge about their capsule-related products and services, and explore what drives them as a company, like KAITEKI and delivering on being ‘Engineered to perform‘ in process, products, and people.

The launch of their new website marks the start of a renewed global effort, one that will see many more future developments, in engaging with stakeholders in the ever-growing and important online environment.

We hope that you enjoy the renovated and rejuvenated look and feel of the website, and find that it serves as a portal to valuable content and resources for all-things-capsule.

Qualicaps: Engineered to Perform